Katarzyna Głogowska

A higher dimension of coaching

To a greater or lesser extent, every mind tends to grasp reality as “I will be happy when…” Meanwhile, I can tell you that you can be happy HERE AND NOW.
Every change, even the smallest one, starts with a DECISION. A decision to take different ACTIONS than before. Actions that lead to spectacular EFFECTS. I might not know the answers to many questions of yours about the goals or assumptions. But I do know that these answers lie within you. It’s worthwhile to grant yourself a chance to hear them. If you are reading these words, it means that your conscious journey has already begun.

I combine four levels into my practice: coaching, energy psychology, spirituality and neuroscience.

I construct a stable bridge between what has been both well-researched, scientifically proven and along with spirituality, creating an effective catalyst for multidimensional change. I also skillfully combine and incorporate various techniques and tools. My intention is to expand your consciousness for a multidimensional sense of fulfilment in life. Mind you, life doesn’t have to be happening to you, but it can start happening for you. Feel welcome to embark on a journey of self-discovery, return to your inner self, explore and understand yourself.

Though each of us is unique, we all strive for fulfilment.

Happiness is instant gratification,
while fulfilment is the pride of a confident life.

My journey

My journey of transformation began in 2015, and I have every confidence that my life has taken a 180-degree turn. I have been pursuing my people-oriented career path since 2008 when I started my business activity as an English language trainer (I graduated from an English language and literature studies program, and later, legal and economic translation). I am a creative translator and the founder of the renowned multi-language agency LING Partner. The knowledge and experience gained over the years in cooperation with countless global companies, those providing a full spectrum of positions and industries (mainly in cooperation with the management staff), gave me invaluable insight into business, people and the formation of related relationships. These experiences allowed me to delve into myself and, consequently, better understand others. Those years have taught me to listen carefully and holistically, with interest and focus. They also brought my natural social and communication predispositions to a higher level. Guided by my heart and intuition, I gradually took a slightly different path. I completed postgraduate studies in the field of coaching in business at the Higher School of Banking with a program accredited by the Chamber of Coaching, became a certified Professional Neurolanguage Coach® accredited by the ICF (International Coach Federation) and a fourfold certified PSYCH-K® Facilitator.

I am deeply convinced that the magic of quantum physics is ubiquitous in our lives, and energy psychology and energy medicine constitute an effective path towards the lightness of human existence.

Consequently, I am continually upgrading my skills and expanding my understanding through participation in global training courses, following the principle that the development of consciousness is a rewarding space, the borders of which are infinite. I believe getting to know yourself makes enjoying life on planet Earth easier.

My bilingualism allows me to operate without barriers internationally in Polish and English at individual sessions and group workshops.

With love,



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